Cumulative Gain Chart is is a plot of the rate of positive prediction against true positive rate for the different thresholds. It is useful for measuring and comparing the accuracy of the classificators.

plotCumulativeGain(object, ...)



An object of class modelAudit or modelEvaluation.


Other modelAudit objects to be plotted together.


ggplot object

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library(mlbench) data("PimaIndiansDiabetes") Pima <- PimaIndiansDiabetes Pima$diabetes <- ifelse(Pima$diabetes == "pos", 1, 0) glm_model <- glm(diabetes~., family=binomial, data=Pima) glm_au <- audit(glm_model, data = Pima, y = Pima$diabetes) plotCumulativeGain(glm_au)
#> Warning: niepoprawny poziom czynnika, wygenerowano wartość NA