Function plot for surv_explainer object visualise estimated survival curve of mean probabilities in chosen time points.

# S3 method for surv_explainer
plot(x, ...)



object of class "surv_explainer"


other arguments for function ggsurvplot


library(survxai) library(rms) data("pbcTest") data("pbcTrain") predict_times <- function(model, data, times){ prob <- rms::survest(model, data, times = times)$surv return(prob) } cph_model <- cph(Surv(years, status)~., data=pbcTrain, surv=TRUE, x = TRUE, y=TRUE) surve_cph <- explain(model = cph_model, data = pbcTest[,-c(1,5)], y = Surv(pbcTest$years, pbcTest$status), predict_function = predict_times) plot(surve_cph)